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Biržų regioninio parko logotipas

Velodi Tsaguria

2018 Kovo 12 d.

Kovo 1 d. į Biržų regioninio parko direkciją atvyko Europos savanorių tarnybos (EST) savanoris Velodi Tsaguria, dvidešimt penkerių metų savanoris iš Gruzijos Kutaisio miesto. Jis jau yra įgyjęs biologijos ir chemijos bakalauro laipsnį bei studijuoja viešąjį administravimą (magistro laipsnį) Akaki Tsereteli valstybiniame universitete Kutaisio mieste. Velodi nusprendė padaryti pertrauką savo studijose ir įgyti patirties kaip EST savanoris Lietuvoje.

Velodi straipsnis (Dream Bigger!)

My name is Velodi Tsaguria and I believe that making your dreams come true is not as hard as it seems. But the most important thing is to change yourself first to the better side and have a great will to do it so, to be ready for the huge challenges, or to become a key to open every locked door that you will be facing in your entire life or to have a good vision of your future interests to not get lost in this upheaval and sometimes unequal competition.

Life is like a clay: first you are thinking about an idea, then starting to create something to be pleasantly tired after finishing and making your idea to become real by giving this clay material a beautiful shape which will satisfy you, after sitting on the chair and looking at your creation.

Everybody can do the same thing, just get out from your comfort zone and test yourself. Are you the one that you think you really are? There is only one way to find out and that is you, don’t expect anything will come by itself unless you will grab it tight and make it happen, dream big but always know your real potential. And please, don’t forget to “give thanks” to the people who helped you through all of this, gave you a little bit or big amount of their time, experience and knowledge, they really deserve it.

First thing in my mind when I came in Biržai was to do something worthy for this city, that will leave my trail, prove myself what I'm capable of and I want local people to say: we believe this guy, because he did something good for us? we are sure he will do the same thing to the others as well.

Main reason for being here is not only a project, or discovering and exploring new country but first of all developing myself for my future purposes, to be well prepared for the big challenges in my life and I believe EVS will help me to get to know myself from the different and undiscovered angles. Participating was one of the small steps which will continue to walk towards big things.

What purpose`s?... I hope one day you will hear or see it and that will mean that I made it through, I had what it took and I found in myself power, to change the world to the better side.

Velodi Tsaguria