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Biržų regioninio parko logotipas

Objectives of establishment

Biržai regional park was established in the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania - the Reconstituent Seimas September 24, 1992 Resolution No. I-2913 'On the establishment of regional parks and preserves' (Official Gazette, 1992, No. 30-913), in order to preserve the Lithuanian region landscape, its natural ecosystem and the cultural heritage, manage them and the rational use.

Biržai regional park objectives are the following:

  • To save landscape with the largest karstic failures density acted by karstic undermining processe;
  • to preserve values of cultural heritage, of which - the castle of Biržai, bastion fortress, castle fortification system, buildings and their appurtenances, fragments of the Old Town of Biržai, a unique Astravas manor and park ensemble with Širvėna Lake hydro-system historical fastening, architectural ensemble of Pabiržė and landscape of manor in Daudžgiriai and manor in Pabiržė (Balandiškiai), park of Likėnai;
  • To preserve natural ecosystems stability, biota components, as well as the unique wildlife and plants;
  • To restore destroyed and damaged natural, cultural complexes and facilities; to carry out investigations and observations, to accumulate information environmental, cultural heritage protection and other areas;
  • To create the conditions to increase cognitive tourism and leisure in certain areas and locations identified in regional park planning scheme (management plan);
  • To regulate economic activities and development of urban planning scheme under the regional park (handling plan);
  • To carry out educational and cultural activities to promote the natural and cultural heritage and its protection.