Puslapio struktūra Puslapio struktūra
Biržų regioninio parko logotipas

Exceptional value

This is geological heritage park. Only here it is possible to see open karst landscape with thousands of sinkholes and lakelets. The biggest sinkhole – Cow‘s cave. Every year here new sinkholes appear. Only here we have mysterious Kirkilai and Draseikiai lakelets that change their colour into blood red colour. It is unique and very rare occurrence in the whole world. Only here we can see the only bastion type Biržai castle in whole Lithuania, the longest wooden bridge over first in whole Lithuania artificial lake called Širvėna. The beer making traditions are directly related with sinkhole landscape.

Landscape. This is an alive geological phenomenon called karst – it’s an earth’s force, constantly washing out, moving the underground, always changing the landscape, forming karst landscape. Every year appearing new sinkholes keep opening unique formed layers that were formed 300 million years ago. The processes that are forming sinkholes are still active. The saying perfectly illustrates such activity: “just slam the door harder and the porch will sink, it’s not even worth of stomping around with feets…”.

Inanimate nature. Mysterious Kirkilai and Draseikiai karst lakelets which sometimes get coloured by sulphur bacteria that are growing in there. Such bacteria is very rare in the rest of the world. In Karajimiškiai there is an impressive field of sinkholes with the famous Cow’s cave, other holes and sinkholes. Širvėna lake is the first artificial lake in whole Lithuania that was created when Apaščia and Agluona rivers got flooded. No less interesting are other nature’s monuments: Smardonė spring, the hole of Jaronis.

Alive nature. On the surface of Širvėna lake there is a floating water lily field and some time ago there was floating agar, also called nut of water, already extinct in Lithuania, but proud with it’s flower proudly being in the emblem of regional park. At one point you may hear the bellowing of not a single Great Bittern. In the park of Astravas manor there is a lot of bats, gloomy beetle lives in the old oaks.

Culture heritage. Biržai castle is one of the most prime bastion style monuments in Lithuania. It is best preserved in North Eastern Europe and it is only like this in Lithuania. In the castle there is a museum of Biržai named “Sėla”. Over the lake Širvėna there is one of the longest wooden bridge which is more than half kilometer in length and which is leading to earl Tiškevič Astravas manor house. Saint John the Baptist church stands out with its whiteness and the height of its towers (43m).

Exceptional phenomenon, alive traditions, historical facts, personalities. In the outskirts of Biržai from generation to generation the traditions of beer and bread making are passed on. By an order of Ludwika Karolina Radziwiłł, one of the oldest breweries in Lithuania was established in Biržai in 1686m. The importance of beer brewing illustrates that after the battles the first thing that was built wasn’t townhall but a bravor. Bread baking, dances and songs at “Sėla” museum, which is established in Biržai castle, will help to know and understand how beer was made in the old days.

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