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Biržų regioninio parko logotipas


The regulations of the Biržai Regional Park

I. General provisions

1. Biržai regional park (hereinafter - regional park) was established by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania - the Reconstituent Seimas September 24, 1992 Resolution No. I-2913 'On the establishment of regional parks and preserves' (Official Gazette, 1992, No. 30-913), in order to preserve the Lithuanian karstinio region landscape, its natural ecosystem and the cultural heritage, manage them and the rational use.

2. Regional park and the boundaries of the zones shall be approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. in regional park shall be regulated by the Republic of Lithuania Law on environmental protection (Official Gazette, 1992, No. 5-75 5-75 5-75), the Law on Protected Territories of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1993, No. 63-1188; 2001, No 108-3902), of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Protection of immovable cultural heritage (Official Gazette, 1995, No 3-37; 2004, No 153-5571), the Republic of Lithuania Law on Territorial Planning (Official Gazette, 1995, No 107-2391; 2004, No. 21-617), land Law of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1994, No 34-620 34-620 34-620; 2004, No 28-868 28-868 28-868), forestry law of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1994, No. 96-1872; 2001, No. 35-1161), law on construction of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1996, No 32-788 32-788 32-788; 2001, No. 101-3597 101-3597 101-3597), other laws, and special conditions for use of land and forest, approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania may 12, 1992 Resolution No. 343 (Official Gazette, 1992, No. 22-652; 1996, No 2-43), Biržai regional park protection regulation approved by Minister of Environment August 10, 2002 by Order No. 413 (Official Gazette, 2002, No. 86-3712; 2010, No. 93-4921), other legal acts and these Regulations.

4. Regional Park managed under the regional park management plan (planning scheme) and approved by General plans, and other special territorial planning documents, or strategic planning documents of protected areas.

5. In restoring property rights according to the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania the rights of ownership to the existing real property law restoration (Official Gazette, 1997, No. 65-1558 65-1558 65-1558), regional park land, water bodies and forests owners shall be transferred to a limited ownership of the target use. The Land regional park is sold or leased in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

II. Purpose of regional park

6. Regional Park is:

6.1. save karstic sufozinių processes acted landscape with the largest karstic failures density;

6.2. to preserve cultural heritage, of them - exchange under authority castle place and fortress castle fortifications system, buildings and their accessories, exchange fragments of old town, a unique Astravas manor and park ensemble with na hidrosistemos historical irons, Pabiržės architectural ensemble and Daudžgirių and Pabiržės (• Balandiškiai) estates landscape, Likėnų park;

6.3. to preserve natural ecosystems stability, biota components, as well as the unique wildlife and plants;

6.4. destroyed and to restore damaged natural, cultural complexes and facilities;

6.5. To carry out investigations and observations, to accumulate information environmental, cultural heritage protection and other areas;

6.6. to create the conditions to increase cognitive tourism and leisure designated areas and areas within the regional park management plan (planning scheme);

6.7. to regulate economic activities and development of construction under the regional park management plan (planning scheme);

6.8. To educational and cultural activities, promote natural and cultural heritage and its protection.

III. Regional Park safety/security

7. Economic, recreational or other activities may not oppose regional park purpose, to change the park landscape, polluted environment, to violate ecological balance.

8.Regional Park and used for the land is controlled by the Republic of Lithuania Law on Land, other laws and in accordance with the legal acts.

9. (repealed).

10.Structures designed, constructed, repaired or reconstructed according to the legislation and territorial planning documents, the requirements referred to in the landscape features, cultural values, environs, including planning and architectural heritage.

11.Regional Park territory may be visited may be restricted. pavilion, create fires, to drive motor vehicles and to build vehicles shall be permitted only in designated places, it may be imposed shall be paid permits, which are issued by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts according to the procedure established by laws.

IV. Regional Park management and organisation of activities

12.Regional Park protection and management organise budgetary institution - regional park Authority (the Authority). Authority, rights and obligations of the owner shall be exercised by the State Service for Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment (hereinafter referred to as the Authority). Authority is a legal person, shall have a seal with its name and bank accounts.

13.Authority shall be headed by Director of regional park (hereinafter - director), the Law on the State service of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1999, No. 66-2130 66-2130 66-2130; 2002, No. 45-1708 45-1708 45-1708 45-1708 45-1708) in accordance with the established procedure shall be appointed to the post and relieved of their service director.

14.Authority regulations shall be approved by the Director.

15.Authority is responsible for park landscape complexes and facilities protection and organise the supervision and management, to increase cognitive tourism, rational use of natural resources, within the scope of their competence, control, the activity of natural and legal persons within the territory of the park to comply with the procedure of protection and use of the park, provide the information and advice on matters within its competence regional park land managers, users, other natural and legal persons, other Authority, rights and duties established in provisions.

16 Research and observations regional park is carried out by Authority, civil servants and personnel working under employment contracts. Other natural and legal persons the landscape and biodiversity, natural and cultural heritage, recreational (flow of visitors, tourism, services) research and observations by agreement with authority, for which they provide, in the manner prescribed by the relevant research and monitoring reports.

17. The Authority may be concluded the Joint Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council). The Council shall co-ordinate Authority and municipal institutions relations.

18. Members of the Council is the Director, Deputy Director, appointed in accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Environment, exchange and Pasvalys district mayors of municipalities and/or deputy mayors of their consent or other municipal councils shall be appointed representatives of the municipalities. The composition and the rules of procedure shall be approved by the Director. are invited to meetings of the Council other interested State and municipal institutions, community representatives and other interested persons.

19. The Council analyze regional park condition and provides authority and the Authority, other state and municipal institutions appropriate proposals Park territory protection, use and management issues.

20.Regional park the use of natural resources and environmental protection control within the limits of their competence by Authority, other institution authorised by it.

V. The basics of Regional Park economic activity

21. Establishing Regional Park to achieve the objectives, Authority to carry out programs to carry out the functions and the Republic of Lithuania shall be allocated for the funds of the state budget. may also be used for exchange and Pasvalys district municipal budgets, the various programs and funds, and other legally acquired funds.

22. Regional Park financial resources are used:

22.1. Authority;

22.2. regional park, to natural and cultural properties;

22.3. damaged natural, cultural complexes and facilities to restore;

22.4. Research and observations;

22.5. educationally and cultural activities, cognitive recreation development, regional park values, their protection to promote, promote park;

22.6. Other regional park to carry out activities related measures.

VI. Duties of natural and legal persons.

23. Regional Park land owners, users and managers, other natural and legal persons must comply with the restrictions, the provisions laid down in paragraphs 3 and 4 listed in legislation and territorial planning documents.

24. Regional Park land owners, users and managers may not impede for familiarisation purposes frequented park landscape complexes and facilities.

25. Natural and legal persons who violate requirements of these provisions shall be held liable in accordance with the procedure established by laws.