Biržai regional park

It is a unique land in which the surface active formation, and continuously changes the landscape. After washing the groundwater depths gypsum layers, land undergoes. unclosed only partly the sink holes appear: one is dry (the famous cow's cave, they can be monitored on the shelves structure), the other - that meres with the naked eye visible sulfur bacteria (Kirkilai lakes). Park into a coherent whole intertwines the unique landscape, special natural phenomena, honorable history, cherished old traditions, crafts, culinary exchange national heritage, local beer production traditions.

Biržai regional park was established in the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania - the Reconstituent Seimas September 24, 1992 Resolution No. I-2913 "On the establishment of regional parks and preserves" (Official Gazette, 1992, No. 30-913), in order to preserve the Lithuanian region landscape, its natural ecosystem and the cultural heritage, manage them and the rational use.