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Lake Watch program

<img src="https://senas.birzuparkas.lt/images/ezeru-stebesenos-programa.png" style="width: 650px;margin-bottom:20px;"><br>Voluntary lake monitoring program monitors LAKE prepared Latvian NGO LUConsulting "implementation in Latvia - Lithuania cross border cooperation for the period 2007-2013. project "Lake's future." The monitoring program consists of four components that capture observed areas of land use (past and present), the shores of Lake overgrowth, aquatic plants and macroinvertebrates diversity. 

<div>Each of these components is to develop monitoring protocols (see the protocols available for download. Pdf format):&nbsp;</div>


<li>Lake landscape monitoring protocol</li>

<li>Lake shore monitoring protocol</li>

<li>Lake plant monitoring protocol</li>

<li>Lake animal tracking protocol</li>


<div>These protocols volunteer researcher to be filled each year at the same time in the same lake shore area. The data collected shall return home Biržų Regional Park Authority staff e-mail. birzai@rpd.w3.lt post.&nbsp;</div>

<div>Monitoring data collected about 3 Biržų Regional Park lakes:&nbsp;</div>


<li>&Scaron;irvėna Lake;&nbsp;</li>

<li>Kirkilai karst lakes;&nbsp;</li>

<li>Gulbinų lake.&nbsp;</li>


<div>You are welcome to join too!</div>