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ENGRAVE - Enhancement of Green Infrastructure in the Landscape of Lowland Rivers (No. LLI-291)


Project name

“Enhancement of Green Infrastructure in the Landscape of Lowland Rivers”

Project no.


Project acronym


Title of the fund

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Title of the program

Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020

Implementation time

01/05/2018 – 30/04/2020

Project partners

Lead partner:

Zemgale Planning Region (LV), www.zemgale.lv

Project partners:

  • Baltic Environmental Forum- Latvia (LV), www.bef.lv
  • Jelgava Local Municipality (LV), www.jelgavasnovads.lv
  • Bauska Local Municipality Council (LV), www.bauska.lv
  • Rundale Local Municipality (LV), www.rundale.lv
  • Birzai District Municipality (LT), www.birzai.lt
  • Directorate of Birzai Regional Park (LT), www.birzuparkas.lt
  • Directorate of Zagare Regional Park (LT), http://zagaresrp.am.lt

Project goal

Project aims to enhance river-based green infrastructure by integrating ecosystem and landscape concepts in to the planning and integrated management of the lowland rivers at local and regional scale.

This will be achieved by strengthening cooperation between public authorities and stakeholders and supporting local and regional authorities with know-how by implementing measures and practices to enhance river based green infrastructure.


Planned project activities:

• to establish cooperation via the Stakeholder Panel and training components on landscape and green infrastructure planning and management;

• to organize four experts’ meeting and visit the territories that are involved in the project

• to elaborate Methodology for Regional Landscape and Green Infrastructure Planning in Lowland Areas;

• to develop Zemgale Regional Landscape and Green Infrastructure Plan;

• to develop the Plan for Enhancing the River Svēte catchment;

• to develop a local Plan on landscape and green infrastructure for Bauska Local Municipality;

• to elaborate the special Plan for Preservation, Landscaping and Development of Green Infrastructure along the Rivers Apščia and Agluona in Biržai Town, and the Lake Širvena in Biržai District;

• to organize capacity building activities:

 study visit to UK to learn and gain knowledge on planning approaches, cooperation with different stakeholders and on the practical river restoration activities in UK

 training on how to integrate nature conservation aspects into landscape planning and planning of green infrastructure in Lithuania;

 thematic cross-border workshop “Landscape planning: integration of ecological, social, cultural and economic aspects” to strengthen knowledge and skills of the partners and other stakeholders;

• to clean-up the overgrown waterways with the use of Amphibian machine along the River Mūsa and Mēmele in Bauska Local Municipality;

• to present consolidated project recommendation on enhancing integrated planning approach, collated all findings of the project and summarized the lessons learned during the project;

• landscaping of the Vīna Kalns area in Bauska nature park;

• landscaping and restoration of Apaščia river banks with walking and biking trail along the valley in Biržai Town;

• to improve local infrastructure at sinkholes and caves located in the Karajimiškio village, Biržai district (replacement of fences, installing of stairs);

• to improve the infrastructure of the Cherry garden of Zagare (to cultivate land, to repair access road and car parking lot, to restore existing garden path, to plant various trees and bushes, to seed lowering meadows of wild flowers);

• to produce a video-clip in three languages- English, Latvian, Lithuanian to demonstrate achievements of the project.

The main project outputs:

• to strengthen cooperation via Stakeholder Panel training components on landscape and green infrastructure planning and management;

• to elaborate Methodology for regional and local landscape and green infrastructure planning in lowland areas;

• to develop four Landscape and Green Infrastructure Plans (Zemgale Planning region, Bauska Local Municipality, River Svēte catchment, Biržai Town);

• to implement different type of measures/actions for enhancing green infrastructure at different locations in the cross border area.

Total project budget (EUR)

583 300,34

ERDF co-financing (EUR)

495 805,26

Total project budget for the Directorate of Biržai Regional Park (EUR)

44 802,39

ERDF co-financing (EUR)

38 082,03

The project is co-financed by Interreg V-A Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.